Welcome to our website! We are thankful that you have chosen to visit with us today. Our site was designed to give many of you the opportunity to get to know something about us before you actually meet us. On page two we would like to introduce you to our well qualified team of professionals. Much of our success has come because we have the right people with the right qualifications and motives in the right positions to serve our clients. On page three of the website you will find a brief description of our financial philosophy. On pages four and five we want to present to you two of the most important aspects of our work. Page four will help you understand our estate planning services and on page five is information and encouragement for families facing Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Finally, on Page 6 we would like to share with you some of our company affiliations along with some of our other friends that we believe may also be helpful to you. After you have taken time to view the website feel free to contract us with any comments or questions. Our telephone number and email address is easily accessible on our “Contact Us” page. It would be a great privilege to hear from you.