Can you tell us a little bit about Legacy Planning?

I guess it may seem funny for a company to tell you they are passionate about every topic they cover. The truth is we really are. We at Master’s Estate and Financial are blessed to be able to do what we love! On this video we want to talk to you about Legacy Planning.

Close your eyes and think with me for a minute about a person you loved dearly that has passed away. If you were where able to set down with that person for one hour today, what would you want to talk to them about? Would you ask them about their money and assets? Would you want to know about the things they could give you? Money and things are important, but would that be the most important thing you could talk about? In that 1 hour would you like to talk to that person you love so much about memories you share? Maybe you would like to draw on their wisdom and hear about the lessons that had made them so wise, and so important in your life. You have only 60 minutes, so of the three which would be the most important to you? What would 1 single hour with that person you love so much be worth to you?

 Now imagine you have one hour left on earth with those you love. How would you spend those 60 minutes, if you had the same three choices. Would you talk about money and assets? That is important. Would you talk remind them of the precious memories you share? Would you want to share a life lesson that could save them heartaches later? What would be the most important thing you could do with that priceless 60 minutes? The point is this, when you planned your estate, when you thought about what you would pass on to those you love most, did you emphasize the important and ignore the priceless? The great news is that you don’t have to decide to do one without doing the other.

You can have a great estate plan that will leave valuable financial assets to those you love. As part of your Legacy Plan you can even remember those causes that you believe in so muchAt the same time you are blessed with the ability to share important memories with those you love most. You even have the ability to share lessons you learned during your lifetime with those you love most. Regardless of your net worth. Regardless of how much money you have or don’t have leaving a record of your dearest memories and your life experiences can complete your estate plan. I believe everyone needs an estate plan to take care of those important legal and financial issues. I also believe that adding recordings of your life experiences and your sweetest memories can elevate the value of your estate plan from being great to being priceless! 

If you would like a copy of our free report on Legacy Plan recordings go to our “Contact Us” page. Fill in your name, email address, and type an note asking for our free Legacy Plan Report!

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Legacy Planning